Heroic bikers rescue five abandoned pups from a buried hole, Give Them A Ride To Save Their Lives

It’s comforting and heartwarming to be reminded of the incredible acts of kindness that people display when it comes to helping animals in need.


When a biker stumbled upon five abandoned puppies left to die in the street, he went above and beyond the call of duty by giving them a lift and ensuring they each found loving homes.

While out on a training ride with friends, Thyago Costa Silva – a Brazilian professional cyclist – encountered an unbelievable yet heartbreaking sight in the middle of nowhere that caused them to alter their path.

While biking along a trail, the cyclists discovered five puppies lying in an abandoned hole. “It was quite obvious that somebody had cruelly buried them alive to die,” Tyago said sorrowfully. “The poor, helpless pups were so weak they couldn’t even climb out of the ditch.”


The cyclists were taken aback by the sight and appalled that someone would commit such a heinous act against innocent puppies.

Realizing they needed to lend a helping hand, they pulled over and supplied food and water. The video posted on Tyago’s Instagram account depicts him offering his bottle of water to some parched puppies—a compassionate gesture that truly exemplifies the spirit of selflessness.

“It was a matter of life or death for them,” he mentioned. The cyclists went above and beyond to provide the puppies with water, even going as far as taking the little ones in their shirts along on their 12-mile bike ride until they found help.


Tyago went above and beyond, taking the five puppies into his own house to give them extra love. “It was a truly touching experience,” he divulged to The Dodo. “I brought them home with me so I could look after them.”

He was still in shock over the maltreatment they endured, yet he had faith that someday these puppies would find loving families. “I hope there are people out there who can show them kindness and open their hearts to taking one of them home,” he posted on Instagram.

Thankfully, Tyago’s assistance allowed for a victorious outcome to this tragedy: all the puppies have found their forever homes.

The cyclist expressed joy to the Dodo, noting that these animals will have a much better life and be taken care of properly. “It fills me with such contentment,” they said.

Tyago has received immense commendation and recognition for rescuing the dogs, yet he insists that what he did was simply the moral thing to do.

“I didn’t do it for the press, I don’t require that; what drove me was love, and doing as any compassionate human being would,” he articulated on Instagram.

I’m immensely grateful to everyone as well as the Divine for making this day especially extraordinary and giving me a chance to live through it. It was magical, and if given the opportunity, I’d relive these moments again and again!

The thought of a poor pup being abandoned like this is truly devastating, but we’re so relieved that these dogs are now safe. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Tyago and his friends for their tireless efforts in rescuing the dogs!

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