The Family Had a Hilarious Time Trying to Get Their Huge Alaskan Malamute Into the Bathtub

If there’s one thing dogs can’t stand, it’s a trip to the vet. Bath time is a close second.


Not only is shampooing dogs a back-breaking chore, but it’s also one of the most difficult parts of bath time. Some pet owners have contemplated skipping this routine altogether, however even just a whiff of their fur will remind you why that’s not an option. Canine funk is strong and discovering your dog smells like that is never pleasant.

You would then take out the shampoo along with some tips and tricks to show your dog that it’s time for a bath.

The Matthews family is familiar with this type of problem, especially when it comes to their Great Alaskan Malamute named Phil.


Instead of joyfully taking a bubble bath, Phil sadly sits in the corner, feeling as if his dog rights are being abused.

His dad slowly pushes him into the tub, but he always finds a way to go around it. When he got up, instead of going straight under the sink like his dad wants him to, he goes back to the other side of the room.

It’s time to bring out the big guns – or in this case, the half-empty jar of peanut butter. The stubborn giant fluff of fur, however, remained strong against temptation.

Phil’s dad knew he would put up a fight during bath time, so instead of giving in to his begging, he decided to trick him. He held out a jar of peanut butter for three seconds before quickly pulling it away and dabbing the tub walls with tiny dollops of peanut butter instead. Phil’s resolve crumbled as he began licking the wall in front of him.


Eventually, he moved out of his original hiding spot. Instead of finding a new place to hide, though, he sank to the floor and moped- much to his dad’s frustration. He squeezed his snout between is dad’s leg and the cabinet in order hopefuly no one could find him.

His mom had one more ace up her sleeve. She pulled out a delicious treat and tried to bribe Phil with it. Even though the peanut butter trick made him stronger, he just ignores the snack and lies down under the sink again.

After some consideration, his dad concludes that Phil has had enough. He then proceeds to grab him and tows him towards the tub.

After his wife placed the treat on the other side of the tub, Phil slowly and determinedly made his way towards it, until he finally stepped into the water.

When he realized he had been tricked, he took whatever recompense was available to him, even if it included the carelessly smeared peanut butter on the walls.

Even though he knows it’s bath time, Phil tries to take his favorite treats with him. In his defense, the big ball of fluff was well-behaved when the shampooing started. He sat quietly as his dad turned him into a fragrant giant ball of fur. It may have been a long way to get there, but Phil is now clean and snuggly.

In fact, the actual bath time went so smoothly that his dad forgot one important thing – let’s just say there’s a reason why you should close the door when a dog finishes his bath. Watch how this dog tried everything to avoid getting into the tub!

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