Pony has been neglected for 10 years and can barely walk because his hooves are so long.

He was in the most dire condition that rescuers could find him, but he is now looking at you.

Because of his neglect, this pony couldn’t walk.

Animaux en Peril was contacted by Animaux en Peril after receiving a call regarding a pony that had suffered severe neglect. A pony or horse should have its hooves trimmed approximately every 6-10 weeks depending on how fast they grow.


Polly the pony hadn’t had his hooves trimmed for 10 years.

Polly’s hooves were curled up in semicircles due to extreme overgrowth. This is equivalent to 540 degrees. The owner was the only one to know about this pony’s despair. Polly was kept hidden at the back of the house, where no one could find her. He was far away from the road, and had a poor shelter.

The owner decided to seek help for his animals neglected. The Wallonia-based animal welfare group, Animaux en Peril, offered assistance. The rescuers quickly arrived and brought the neglected pony and the malnourished horse to safety and sanctuary.

Rescuers were stunned by the animal’s sad condition.

When the rescue team arrived, both horses and pony were so weak that they were shocked. The pony and horse were both covered in manure for more than 2 feet. They were actually so thin that the vet recommended they be put to death.


Their body condition was scored at 1 out of 5. This is the score that they received before undernutrition causes death. This is Cachexia or excessive leanness. This stage is called Cachexia, or excessive leanness. The body literally consumes itself and the muscles are losing their strength.

A Shetland pony usually weighs between 400 and 500 pounds. But sweet Polly weighed in at just over 150 lbs. Rescuers believe that the animals were trapped in their filthy homes for three months and never had the chance to escape.


Polly was in dire need of a quick trim. It was probable that Polly would suffer permanent joint damage. This would prevent him from ever walking normally again.

The sanctuary claimed that they have never seen a horse with such long hooves in more than 20 years.

Everest (the horse that was not rescued) and Polly were shorn to remove the lice and filth. Finally, they were shampooed to clean and soothe their skin. After this, it became obvious that the animals had not been treated properly for many years. They were in severe pain and neglected.

It is hard to imagine the stress and pain these horses endured over the past few years. Gnawing hunger, itching and the stifling atmosphere in their confinement.

Both pony and horse felt better in just five days.

They were well-fed, clean, and covered in blankets. They were also making new friends.

The owner could be sentenced to jail and fined for allowing these noble animals to go untreated. The local prosecutor will decide whether the case will be pursued further in the coming months. Polly will require corrective trimming for a while. He will be visited by the rescue farrier, who performs this task, monthly. They will reshape his hooves as well as evaluate what can be done for him to heal properly.

Polly is living a full and happy life.

Polly has seen a significant improvement over time. As you can see, he has a round belly and is running in the rolling fields of the Animaux en Peril sanctuary. Photos on the Facebook page show this. He is a very charismatic individual and has even been adopted by an equine family.

He can now be found with a tiny pony named Polly, who is his mother. Lola and Polly spend their time together, cruising around the pasture, scratching each others backs, and rolling in the mud.

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