A Cat and Her Four Kittens Found in a Laundry Basket in the Basement by Cleaner

Have you ever thought of stumbling upon a cat family while cleaning a house? That’s precisely the unusual surprise a cleaner encountered in a vacant Indiana home. Tucked away in the basement, she found a mother cat and her four kittens nestled in a laundry basket.

Venturing into the basement, the cleaner was taken aback by the sight of the ginger feline family. The house was empty, with no food or water for the cats. Lori White, a volunteer from the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO), recounted the woman’s discovery:


“She found this cat family in a laundry basket, with no signs of sustenance anywhere close by. The house was locked tight, leaving us to wonder how long they were left alone.”

Immediate Action for the Feline Family

The woman, moved by the sight, took immediate action. She took the emaciated mother and her kittens home, providing them with much-needed nourishment. The mother cat, though weak and starving, had been doing her best to keep her kittens alive.

Thanks to the woman’s compassion, they all enjoyed a hearty meal and settled into a clean, warm nest. The kittens, despite their harsh beginnings, were healthy, clean, and well-nurtured.


Believing that these felines needed more expert care, the woman contacted her local shelter. ARPO stepped in, bringing the ginger cat family under Lori’s care. Grateful for the woman’s actions, Lori said,

“I’m thankful she took the time to help them and took action to get them safe.”

A New Home, A New Beginning

The story of how the cat family ended up in the vacant house remains a mystery. However, the mother cat proved to be sweet and affectionate, settling into her new surroundings filled with comforting purrs and gentle meows.


Lori named the four ginger kittens after the Golden Girls: Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and their mother, Goldie. She noted,

“Ginger females are quite rare, so having four is super special! I couldn’t resist going with the Golden Girls theme—Momma Goldie Girl and her Golden Girls.”

Thriving in Love and Care

Each day, the ginger girls grow more robust and more curious, often engaging in playful mischief. Goldie, the mother, diligently watches over her babies, ensuring they’re always clean and well-fed.

If not for the woman’s unexpected discovery, the fate of this furry family would have been uncertain. Fortunately, Goldie and her four babies now thrive in a comfortable home, basking in the love and attention of their caregivers.

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