Heartbroken Man Passes Away After Losing His Beloved Four-Legged Friend Of 14 Years

Every morning, the inhabitants of a trailer park in Hemet, CA would witness Ken strolling around with Zack. His mild mannerisms evinced his deep affection for his pet pooch.


As people age, their pets can be the very thing that keeps them going; Zack was what enabled Ken to live for so long, as devastatingly discovered by his neighbors.

Whenever Ken and Zack took their pooch for a stroll around the trailer park, neighbor Carol Burt was often seen walking her foster dogs. Every time their paths crossed another, they would always greet each other with a friendly wave!

Carol could sense that Zack was the only source of solace and comfort in Ken’s life. But then tragedy struck one day, altering everything as they knew it.


Carol was startled by the loud knocking at her door, and when she answered it found a neighbor in distress claiming there had been an emergency at Ken and Zack’s trailer. Not wanting to delay any longer than necessary, she quickly asked if they could wait until after dinner but upon being told no, immediately raced over to Ken and Zack’s place.

Zack was breathing heavily, and it was obvious that he wasn’t feeling well. Carol requested that Ken could take him to the vet, but unfortunately, Ken had no funds available.

Carol eagerly pledged her support however she could, and so shared Ken and Zack’s story on social media in the hopes of raising funds.


No more than an hour later, a compassionate volunteer from At-Choo Foundation contacted Carol, offering to pay for all of Zack’s medical bills and insisting that they take him to the vet without delay.

Carol, Ken, and Zack rushed to the vet with hurried strides; however, no matter how fast they had gone it still wasn’t enough. After examining 16-year-old Zack, the vet sadly told them that there was nothing more he could do for him – his only option left was to be put down.

As Ken held his beloved Zack one last time, the tears streamed down his face. He had known and loved this pup for such a long time – it was inconceivable that he would have to part with him now.

Carol took a photo of Ken bidding Zack farewell and shared it on her social media. The image tugged at the heartstrings of many in their community, leaving them feeling moved by its touching sentiment.

Elaine posted the image with a statement that she was going to send Ken a card and encouraged others to join her kind gesture.

Over a few days, Ken received an abundance of cards expressing their sympathies for him. To his surprise, he found that many people cared about him and wanted to offer support in this difficult time – something that had been absent since Zack’s passing. He finally understood that although it felt like he was alone; there were folks around who genuinely cared for his well-being.

Letters of encouragement and love continued to pour in from all corners of the globe. People were undeniably moved by Ken’s story, with even a school teacher inspiring her entire class to write him letters!

Even though she had not been acquainted with Ken for long, Carol was committed to ensuring his well-being and continued to check in on him.

Tragically, mere weeks after Zack’s departure, Ken succumbed to a heart attack. Carol instantly recognized that the sudden grief was likely the cause of this fatal occurrence.

Ken and Zack’s lives came to a shocking end, yet during the time of his departure, Ken was comforted by knowing many empathized with him and his pup. That must have meant the world to them both in their last days together.

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