Dog’s Heartbroken Reaction To Not Receiving Any Treats Goes Viral, With Over 200 Million Views

It’s very difficult for content creators to produce pieces that will gain 200 million views or more. The only type of videos that usually receive those types of numbers are music videos from well-known artists.


Some people would spend loads of money to make high-quality content, while others would do crazy stunts for a chance to get millions of views.

In just one minute and twenty seconds, this dog has achieved something amazing!

Over 200 million people have watched this video!


The hilarious clip, titled “Ultimate Dog Tease,” was uploaded in 2011 and continues to garner views and laughter today. Although short, the video showcases the wit of both the dog’s owner and the pup himself.

The dog owner was teasing his dog about where the food treats from their meat drawer went. The conversation started off playful, but things soon took a turn.

The conversation is not only simple, but it’s also funny because the owner took to time to make it look like the dog is responding by dubbing a voice-over. The difference in voices makes this all the more amusing.

The most important thing they discussed was the owner finding maple bacon in the fridge drawer. The dog’s reaction to this news was absolutely hilarious, appearing to murmur little “yeahs” and “okays” throughout.


The dog sounds just like a human, which is really funny.

The dog’s big yawn is pretty accurate for how he would react, and the owner’s voiceover makes it even more adorable.

Many viewers found this dog hilarious!

“I love this video!” said one commenter. “I first saw it several years ago and I have to come watch again every now and then. It’s always good for a laugh.”

One commenter said this particular clip had been making him laugh for 5 years.

This video never gets old, and it always puts a smile on my face. I want to thank the guy and his awesome dog for making this video – it’s really helped me stay positive over the years.

This video is, will be, and always has been a classic. It gets my vote for Best Video Ever–I’ve watched it at least 100 times since it came out years ago, and I continue to do so because it never gets old. Whenever I’m feeling down or at the worst, I’ll watch this video and laugh nonstop.

This clip is hilarious and will definitely put a smile on your face. It’s nothing too crazy, but the humor that the dog’s owner added to it is unique. Of course, the dog itself is also quite adorable.

Check out the video below for some fun today!

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