A Heroic Service Dog Saves The Day After His Owner Suffers Seizure In Grocery Store

For individuals suffering from medical ailments, service dogs can be a lifesaving tool. These devoted animals are specially educated to detect when their human is in distress and take action – whether it’s retrieving medicine or summoning aid.


This heartwarming video captures the moment a heroic service dog attentively responds when his owner has an unexpected seizure in a grocery store. It’s just one example of how unbelievably helpful these animals can be!

Amber Laudicina, from North Carolina, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010 and underwent chemotherapy to treat it. Unfortunately, the chemo caused damage to her brain which resulted in unexpected seizures – as reported by WGHP.

Fortunately, she has an 11-month-old service dog called Koda that she trained to respond in the event of an episode. With Koda at her side, she can breathe easily knowing there is someone by her side who will take appropriate action if needed.


One of these miraculous moments was captured on video. Amber, a shopper at her local Harris Teeter supermarket, started to exhibit signs of a seizure while teaching her pup in the aisle – this included slight pauses in body language and unsteady motions.

Koda could tell before Amber even realized something was wrong and started to bark in a warning. As soon as she slumped onto the floor, Koda stayed close by her side vigilantly protecting her from any further harm.

When Amber was in a foggy mental state, Koda seemed to understand that something wasn’t right and began barking. Fortunately, an employee who knew their history realized that if Koda barked then there must be some kind of dilemma — thankfully he was able to act quickly on the situation!


Then, the employee takes over and calls for assistance while Koda stands to watch faithfully. Amber noted that even though Koda is still in training and his leash hindered some of his responses, he nevertheless “performed excellently.”

Amber gratefully told WGHP, “He saved my life. His quick thinking prevented me from sustaining a serious injury or even a concussion.” She continued, “Without him intervening in time, I would have been stuck in the hospital for sure.”

In the video, Amber proudly proclaimed that it was his inaugural emergency and that he performed exceptionally. She noted that “You can train for this quite a bit, yet you don’t realize how much progress you’ve made until an actual crisis happens.” Her words highlighted her admiration for his actions in such a difficult time.

Amber commended the supermarket employees for their exemplary response and noted that they went above and beyond to help.

Amber attested that in most cases, her employees would merely remain in the vicinity instead of accompanying her while she waited for emergency medical teams to arrive.

Amber expressed her admiration for the assistant manager to WXII: “She went above and beyond. I’ve had service dogs and been ill for a long time, yet this is the first person who has taken such an initiative in my situation.”

Capturing a moment such as this on video is an incredibly rare occurrence, and witnessing Koda respond to his owner so quickly in their time of need is extraordinary. This serves as a testament to just how invaluable service dogs are for those who rely upon them.

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